Generations Homeschool Group Membership Registration
for 2017-2018 School Year

Membership Dues for 2017-2018 are $25
Returning Members add $10 Late Fee after June 30, 2017

Please note that ALL memberships are non-refundable and expire on June 30, 2018

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Generations Membership Requirements

  • All Generations members are required to comply with the North Carolina Home School laws. (See https://ncadmin.nc.gov and https://nche.com/law)
  • Generations members must be in agreement with Crossroads Fellowship's Statement of Faith. (See crossroads.org/believe) Generations is a ministry of Crossroads Fellowship.
  • All members are expected to be participating in or seeking fellowship in a local church body.  If you are unable to do so and would like to be a member of Generations, please contact John Frye (JohnFrye@crossroads.org).  See Statement of Faith point "G" for clarification regarding this policy.
  • All members are expected to volunteer for one position. Either or both of the spouses may choose to do the volunteering. Also for certain roles, teens can volunteer for the family requirement. If you attend an event, you may be asked to assist in addition to your volunteer obligation. Our events do not happen without you. (If you cannot volunteer and would still like to join Generations, please email at Michelle@generationshomeschool.com)
  • A non-refundable annual membership fee of $25 per family is payable upon joining. Returning members must register and pay by June 30, 2017. After June 30, 2017, returning members will pay $35.
  • Memberships to NCHE (North Carolinians for Home Education www.nche.com) and HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association www.hslda.org) are strongly recommended, though, not required.
  • Members will refrain from speaking negatively of Generations' leaders or fellow Generations members, except in love, for the purpose of healing and growth, to those who are either part of the problem or directly part of the solution.

Click here to read Crossroads Fellowship's Statement of Faith (opens in a new window).


Check this box if you agree with the Membership requirements, including the Crossroads Statement of Faith.
This is required to join Generations Homeschool Group.

Please read the Generations Child Safety Policy (opens in a new window).


Check this box if you have read and will abide by the Generations Child Safety Policy.
This is required to join Generations Homeschool Group.


Parents or Guardians

*First Name:
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*Last Name:
*Marital Status
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*Main Phone:
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*Email Address:

We rely heavily on communication via our online groupsite (to which you will be sent a private invitation upon joining). If you do not have reliable access to the internet, please take the time to find someone within the group who does, who can help you get information on activities, etc.

Do you need to be connected with someone with internet access?

Tell Us About Yourself

Is this your first year homeschooling?
Is this your first year with
Generations Homeschool Group?
How many years have you been homeschooling?
What is the primary reason you are joining Generations?
What curriculum do you use?
Do you have any other comments you wish to share?
*Which church do you attend? (involvement in a local church is required for Generations Members)


*Returning members: Which mandatory volunteer role did you fill last year? 

Do you have any suggestions for improvements for that role/activity?  If you were unable to fill your position please explain why.

Please Volunteer

Volunteer Policy: All members are expected to volunteer. Every member must choose (at least) ONE volunteer position to serve on in order to fulfill your membership requirement. Of course, you may serve in more than one role if desired.

We request existing members who have been in Generations for >3 years to serve in a co-coordinator role and leave the committee member spots for newer members.

(If you cannot volunteer and would still like to join Generations, please email at Director@generationshomeschool.com)

Co-op Policy: Participation in our co-ops (Legacy or SNAP) does not exempt you from the above stated Volunteer Policy.

Check here if you have read the Volunteer and Co-op Policy and agree to abide by it.
Check here to acknowledge that you understand that if you attend an event you may be asked to assist in addition to your volunteer obligation.

Check here if you have read the "2017-2018 Generations Volunteer Role Descriptions."

2017-2018 Generations Volunteer Role Descriptions can be seen by clicking HERE.

Check here if you have read the "2017-2018 Generations Event Activity Descriptions."

2017-2018 Event Activity Descriptions can be seen by clicking HERE.

Coordinators must attend one of two training meetings if they are working with a committee.

You will be contacted by our Activities Director with more info.


Mom's Retreat Coordinator
SNAP Directors Apprentice

Other: Have an idea?   Want to start a new club? List it here.

If you lead a club and do not see it listed, please write your role along with a brief description (i.e. Teen girl club, Lego club, middle school craft club, movie club, Teen Newsletter, etc.)



Activities DirectorFine Arts and Science Festival Coordinators
Fine Arts & Science Festival CommitteeGenerations Care Co-Coordinator
Communications DirectorGenerations Director
Easter Egg Hunt CoordinatorsElementary Socials/Field Trips/Service Committee
Elementary Socials/Field Trips/Service CoordinatorsEnd-of-Year Committee
End-of-Year CoordinatorsEaster Egg Hunt Committee
Fall Family Camping I CoordinatorsSpring or Summer Family Camping II Coordinators
Spring or Summer Family Camping II CommitteeFall Family Camping I Committee
Field Day CoordinatorsField Day Committee
Fall Legacy Clean Up CoordinatorFall Legacy Substitute Coordinator
Fall Legacy Snack CoordinatorFall Legacy Mom's R and R Coordinator
Fundraising CoordinatorsGraduation Coordinators
Graduation CommitteeHigh School Social/Field Trips/Service Coordinators
High School Social/Field Trips/Service CommitteeLeadership Apprentice: (Any)
Legacy Co-DirectorFall Legacy Finale Coordinators
Spring Legacy Finale CoordinatorLibrary & Supplies Coordinators
Member RegistrationMiddle School Social/Field Trips/Service Coordinators
Middle School Social/Field Trips/Service CommitteeMentor Ministry Coordinators
Mom's Retreat CommitteeNew Member Care Coordinators
Generations and Friends Park Play Days CoordinatorParent Socials & Support Meeting Coordinators
Parent Social and Support Meeting CommitteePreschool Play dates and Field Trip Committee
Preschool Play dates and Field Trip CoordinatorsGenerations Photography Coordinator
Praise Prom CoordinatorPraise Prom Committee
Room ReservationistSpring Legacy Clean Up Coordinator
Spring Legacy Substitute CoordinatorSpring Legacy Snack Coordinator
Spring Legacy Mom's R and R CoordinatorSNAP Director
SNAP Events TeamSNAP Supplies Coordinator
SNAP Lunchroom & Clean-Up CoordinatorTech Team Committee
TreasurerT-Shirt Sales Coordinators
Trunk of Treats CoordinatorsUsed Curriculum Trunk Sale Coordinators
Valentine’s Party CoordinatorsChristmas Craft Party Coordinators
Christmas Craft Party CommitteeTeen Yearbook Coordinators


Tell us About Your Children

Fill out the information for each child below, including the interests column on the right. Please select your child's grade/age as of September 2017.

First Name
Last Name
Email (6th grade & up)


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